We are aiming at creating a recycling society and improving of quality of life by promoting "Refashion".
Japan Refashion association
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Our Concepts
     Great East Japan Earthquake
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 Japan Refashion association
Higashimukoujima 1-22-2,
Sumida ward,
Tokyo 131-0032

Our Concepts
Introducing “Refashion”. From Japan to the world.

Japan Refashion association (abbreviated name “ref”)

Our principle: We contribute to the development of Japanese economy, improvement of the quality of life and the growth of the international society through the promotion of "Refashion".
The definition of "Refashion": "Refashion" means to review our life style and bring a change by making use of our traditional wisdom and skill to cherish good products for long time.
Our purpose: We aim to achieve the recycling society and improvement of the quality of life.
Business activities: *The promotion of "Refashion"
*The institution of "Refashion" qualification
*The support of CSR activity about "Refashion"
*The creation of "Refashion" market etc.
Foundation: 17th 09,2009
Representative: Junko Suzuki
Address: Higashimukoujima 1-22-2, Sumida ward, Tokyo 131-0032
Other: Refashion Laboratory, Komatsugawa 587-1, Yoshikawa city, Saitama prefecture 342-0043

Relief aid section
Earthquake disaster relief aid section, Japan Refashion association, Uchikawara46-1, Okabe aza, Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture 960-8204

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