We are aiming at creating a recycling society and improving of quality of life by promoting "Refashion".
第4回 リ・ファッション コンテスト
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     The 5th Refashion contest

     Reporting of past

 Japan Refashion association
Mukoujima 5-17-8,
Sumida ward,
Tokyo 131-0033

Japan Refashion Association
“The 5th Refashion contest” Voting slip
We are focusing on the wisdoms and skills to upcycle existing things and passion toward it in this contest. All the exhibits are remade with disused garments at home. All of them have pictures which show how the garments looked like before and design concepts.

Please feel free to look around and pick your favorite. When you are ready, put the alphabet and number of the work you chose in the boxes below.
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